This week brings sparkling new Christmas designs from designer Molly Graham. Image Source can offer exclusive designs available worldwide for tableware, kitchenware and giftware. Amongst many trends for 2011 and beyond  we will see ornate foliage illustrations with bold fabricated bows.

Showcasing ‘Crafty Christmas’ designs were Trend Bible experts at the Top Drawer Exhibition 2011. We loved the display stands of pattern and textures which illustrated perfectly the seasonal decoration trends of the current market.

Image Source Art Licensing provide manufacturers and retailers the latest trend designs for giftwrap, bring a beautiful selection of gift ideas for him, her, new babies, children, birthdays, Christmas and any other special occasions. Our designers and illustrators offer new designs, motifs, colours – presenting the top-selling trends for 2011 and beyond.

The combination of  bold illustrations with modern & whimsy surface patterns offers unique and gorgeous results on printed giftwrap,  gift boxes and gift bags. Our designs come in layers for further customisation, should you wish.  The inspirational colors  and the  unique artworks can reproduce beautifully in print for stand out and more profitable products in the gifts industry.

Perfectly adapted designs are available for napkins, tablecloths, candles and many more accessories. Artist and Illustrator, Paulo Viveiros is an expert at creating eye catching pattern variations. We love his nautical range of Kitchenware concepts designed for 2011 including apron, teapot, bowl, mug and plate designs.


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Ever since I learnt to hold a pencil I have had a love of drawing and painting that led all my relatives to buy me art related gifts at birthdays and Christmas for years to come – which was very much appreciated! This interest grew throughout my school years so that pursuing these skills was the only option that would satisfy me. At Art College my eyes were really opened to the possibilities of a career in art, and so I continued on to Swansea Metropolitan University and gained a First Class Degree in Illustration. Whilst in my third and final year at University I was delighted to be amongst 10 students from Welsh Universities selected to meet Prince Charles for ‘Tea at Highgrove’. We were chosen for being ‘outstanding achievers’ in our individual subject areas.

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Although I never lost sight of my goal to be an illustrator, after University I found myself in need of a ‘pay the bills’ type of steady job. Graphic Design seemed the obvious area to go into and I am very pleased that I did as I learnt a lot – both in design and computer skills – and it led me towards digital art. Although I have always really enjoyed painting by hand, digital art seems to me to have more to offer, namely the speed of working, the flexible, experimental approach that it allows – and not having to wait for paint to dry! I do, however, use scanned in textures and samples of natural media regularly in my work. My inspiration is drawn from the natural world around me (I live in the picturesque Cotswolds), traditional and vintage art, and from the exciting world of fashion and contemporary art and design.

Happily, I am now self employed as an illustrator with Image Source as my agent. This working relationship has turned out brilliantly as the advice and support that they offer is invaluable, and their knowledge of the greetings card market second to none. I am also very pleased not to be on the ‘Sales’ side of things as I will be the first to admit that this is not my strong point, and it gives me more time to spend on my real work, which is constantly evolving and offering new challenges that make it all the more satisfying.

Have you ever added value to someones day by sending a humorous or cheeky greeting card?

When it comes to buying greeting cards, customers generally look for a comical card,  one which relates or mocks the recipient. It may be a choice of words which surrounds the sarcastic sentiments or a cartoon image which characterises a person with bad habits. Researcher Robert Provine said: “Laughter is a mechanism everyone has; laughter is part of universal human vocabulary. There are thousands of languages, hundreds of thousands of dialects, but everyone speaks laughter in pretty much the same way.”

Image Source – Art Licensing provide a library of comedy card designs available to browse in their online portfolio.  Please speak to Image Source for full details on designs or email Hannah Curtis. You can register on the Image Source Library by clicking the following link.

>> Please register me for Art Licensing.

Scandinavian artwork to license has made a revival in popularity this year. Its make-up of simplicity and timelessness attracts many art licensing admirers, worldwide.

Image Source artist, Pia Simpson has incorporated her own Scandinavian characteristics of simplicity and colour to her artwork. She has worked on developing two styles with huge success on the elegant and simple Scandinavian style. Pale blues and greens, along with whites and vivid blues, abound in her working style of Print & Pattern.  Pia is an expert at creating beautiful, simple, clean designs, inspired by nature and the northern climate. The artworks are accessible and available to all who register on the website.

Woodland Christmas is another key theme in the running for Winter 2011. Rich in background colour and reindeer motifs, artist Sue Reeves has released a new range for 2011. We love this design taken from her Christmas portfolio.

The alternative Christmas Tree takes inspiration from crisp whites against dark blue backgrounds, moving away from viridescent greens. Sophisticated use of warm colours with the subtle incorporation of the Christmas scene invites discovery and depth.

Other artists in the Image Source Woodland Christmas portfolio include designs full of natural elements by Emma Freeman, Christopher Osborne, Tony Ryan and Nicola Gregory.

Bright colours and neon text presents a fashionable trend for the styling of card designs this year. The vibrancy of this autumn/winter trend is purposefully controlled and sophisticated so it does not appear overwhelming on card designs.

Elegance is of high consideration for artists who are blending fabulous female figures with the party occasion. Please look at Graphic illustrator, Olivier Blanc and Claire Coxon in the Image Source portfolio for some spectacular fashion designs available to license for greetings cards and much more.

Retro fashion also steps up to the trending market with vintage fashion and photography. Please view Paulo Viveiros portfolio or ask Image Source for further samples.

As September is casting great showers upon us, we are unable to escape the sight of those dark heavy clouds at the start of the 2011 academic year. With this in mind, Image Source have put together a mix of artwork encircling subjects as rainclouds, raindrops, umbrellas and much more.

We are excited to share with you the culmination of artist ideas, trends and direction from Image Source art Licensing.

Nicola Gregory, Image Ref: 62392

Marti, Image Ref: 48741

Sue Reeves, Image Ref: 55445

Richard Telford, Image Ref: 63886


Image Source artist, Rose Eddingdon has released two glamorous birthday ranges featuring beautiful delicate images. The thrilling age cards have that ‘glitzy’ feel with the delicate foiling, embossing the age captions. The cards are presented in a 160mm square format which come with coordinating envelopes.

Here is an example of one of the Birthday ranges ’75’. We welcome your thoughts on the artwork.

A fabulous range of Pia Simpson pattern designs are now available to license in the Image Source library. Artwork includes an exciting block arrangement of colour with subjects incorporating floral artwork, psychedelic colour combinations and repeat pattern. Pia Simpson’s designs will make superb gift wrap ideas for any occasion.

Image Source have a huge library of original, contemporary art which is now available for licensing on gift wrap, gift bags and gift boxes. The combination of floral, butterfly illustrations with modern surface patterns offers unique results on printed wrapping papers,  gift boxes and gift bags. The inspirational colors and the  unique artworks can reproduce beautifully in print. Please view the Pia Simpson portfolio for the above artworks or speak to Hannah Curtis –

Image Source – Art Licensing currently represent many talented artists who offer inspiring, traditional and contemporary Christmas designs available to license worldwide.

With over 500 festive designs available from Paulo Viveiros’s archive of art, this fully digital showcase of designs brings a strong, contemporary library to Image Source. Paulo’s inspirations lie far and wide with his visual cues coming from the world around him, from urban architecture to the natural world, from fashion to the human form. His palette of colours comes not only from contemporary life, but also from the colours he least expects to see, the blue in human skin and the red in freshly cut grass. His library includes Print & Pattern along with Typography designs plus much more.

Paulo Viveiros

Paulo Viveiros - Contemporary Christmas

Christmas artist Molly Graham designs for a number of product categories which include Christmas partyware and tableware. Thanks to the endless possibilities of digital design Molly is able to create variable styles. She writes “I enjoy chopping and changing between traditional, contemporary and vintage styles. Keeping up with trends in stationery, homewares and fashion on the High Street and on-line keeps the work fresh. Image Source are keen to ensure their designers continue to evolve creatively – I am continually encouraged to try new things, briefs are varied and I am kept supplied with an eclectic mix of good quality commercial visual reference by them to refer to should inspiration run dry”.

Molly Graham - Tableware Christmas

Simon Treadwell is a self-taught digital artist who uses the traditional painterly styles with a vivid finish to his work. His portfolio consists of traditional detailed scenes incorporating Father Christmas, Fluffy Snowmen, Puppy Labrador’s and Children.  The clean lines with bold colours are on trend, proving very popular on a variety of products that include greetings cards, prints and calenders.

Simon Treadwell - Traditional Christmas

Please visit to view our online portfolio of Christmas artists and Illustrators.

Commercial Illustrator, Tony Ryan left school at 16 to study a course in Design and Illustration. He has recently been involved with publishing, but mostly greeting cards, calendars and associated products, intermingled with developing my own fine art paintings.  Tony’s talents come from working in a variety of styles and media including traditional, modern and cute in watercolour, gouache, oil and pastels. In recent years he has taken courses to develop his interest in printmaking and Japanese woodcut.

Tony Ryan’s work is influenced by the great illustrators of the past and contemporaries of today.  Working with Image Source – Art Licensing for over 10 years now, Tony says ” I use them as an outlet my numerous speculative designs.  These come from my own inspiration and from the ideas and reference provided by the team at Image Source. I also get commissions through Image from their many customers”

We look forward to seeing more Traditional Christmas designs from Tony Ryan which will be available to license worldwide. Other traditional artists include Simon Treadwell and Daniel Rogers. Please register on to view their portfolio’s.

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